Polycarbonate / Glass Walls For Decks and Patios

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Want to chill out on your deck without the chill of the wind ?  Take a look at creating a windwall using glass or clear as glass plastic such as polycarbonate.  A polycarbonate or glass windwall can shield you from the wind while protecting your view.

Wind walls can be made from glass or clear as glass plastic – glass and plastic specialists can provide you with advice. For plastic advice, The Plastic People have a friendly team of experts who can assist with polycarbonate to make a wind wall.

Whilst glass is the traditional choice for glazing, polycarbonate is perhaps a lesser known option although polycarbonate is commonly used  to replace glass when a much higher-impact resistance is required.  That’s because whilst polycarbonate looks as clear as glass it is 290 x stronger than glass and polycarbonate is practically unbreakable.

Balcony with a windwall made from polycarbonate, courtesy of customer of The Plastic People

For example, polycarbonate is used for windscreens of small planes, lighting applications, car headlamp lenses, lighting lenses and safety glasses/goggles/visors – even police riots shields (which demonstrates just how unbreakable polycarbonate is).

Polycarbonate walls require very little maintenance. They only need to be cleaned with water and a soft cotton cloth. They’re a perfect upgrade for your decking.  And a fairly easy DIY task. Measure up what size polycarbonate you need to create your windwall and have it delivered cut to the sizes and shapes you need.  Make it easier to fix into place by ordering polycarbonate with holes ready drilled in.   For advice about getting started using polycarbonate contact The Plastic People on 0113 249 2222.


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