DIY Tips for a Landscaped Look Garden

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One thing that will always help achieve a landscaped look in a garden is good edging.

Good edging can bring neat, tidiness, order and structure to a garden quickly.  For a DIY lawn edging installation, the array of choices can be overwhelming but the key is to be sure the lawn edging will provide a good, strong barrier which separates your lawn from your garden. You will have a choice of materials and your decision will depend on a number on considerations.

1. Your style of garden  – do you want a subtle lawn edging or should it steal the show ?

2. Climate-  does your chosen lawn edging have to withstand sea salt, boggy shade or full sun ?

3. Time and money -  how much are you prepared to spend on future maintenance of the lawn edging itself. There are no maintenance at all options which quickly narrow down the array of choices given wooden edging needs treatments.  For a maintenance free option, take a look at Flexi-edge lawn edging.

5. Safety  – do you need a safe lawn edging in case of trips, children, pets etc ?  For those looking for safety, metal and stone edging may not be a good option as it can be dangerous if fallen on.  For a safe lawn edging, take a look at rubber lawn edging.  There are rubber lawn edging products which look like stone too.

7.  DIY ease – how easy does installation need to be for you ?   Stone, concrete and brick can be expensive to buy and transport and laborious to install. An easy to install without digging options are available.

8. Longevity – how long do you expect your lawn edging to last ?  The shortest lifespans are probably with plastic edging which can crack and split more easily than other materials. Check out options that are virtually unbreakable or indestructible.





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