Double Your Garden with an Acrylic Mirror

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If you’re longing for a larger garden or back yard but have no way to expand your space, try out using an acrylic mirror.

this mirror reflects space around the garden and helps create the feeling of an outdoor room

Acrylic mirror is made in sheet form and can be bought cut to size as a neat way to bring reflection into your garden and help create the feeling of the space you are wanting.

Because acrylic mirror can be cut to size and shape, you have flexibility to use mirrors which will fit your space perfectly.

Some ideas for using acrylic mirror to create the impression of more space include covering a garden wall, to reflect space in secluded corners

acrylic mirror has been used to cover a garden wall and reflect planting

and to make a reflective backdrop to a water feature, like shown here in our customer photographs:).

acrylic mirror by pond reflects light and water

It’s pretty easy to source acrylic mirror cut to size online though we’re hoping you’ll be inspired by our blog and customer pictures to try us out, The Plastic People.

Placing the mirrors in a personal choice. The only word of caution is to avoid hot spots – where the mirror might burn in the sun.

Take a peek at what some of our customers have done in their gardens to create the impression of more space and maximise light. planting


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