Garden Impact with Acrylic

Category: Gardening, Recycle

Take your garden from fabulous to spectacular with planting of different sizes and scale then create contrast with the introduction of a different material like clear acrylic which can draw the eye across your space but will not block your view.

acrylic has been made to create this stunning balcony

Using two materials with different properties near each other is one way to create an attractive contrast, style and punch to your garden.  Paving, decking or coloured acrylic are also great material options but we love the use of clear acrylic here as it provides sophisticated protection for planting, people as well as the magnificent views.

Thanks to our customer for sending this photo and using our cut to size service transforming clear acrylic sheets into a beautiful balcony.  For further information about this project or creating one like it, please contact the friendly services team at The Plastic People. More information about clear acrylic is here.


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