Shatter Proof Alternatives To Glass Patio Tables

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With this week’s news about certain models of glass-topped patio tables “exploding” in the heat, we thought we’d share a shatter-proof alternative to glass, currently used by customers of The Plastic People:  polycarbonate.

Here’s a customer picture showing the  polycarbonate top – looks just like glass, right ?

Wooden table protected with a polycarbonate table top

While looking just like glass, this table top is actually clear polycarbonate plastic which is around 200 x stronger than glass.  As a point of reference, it is the material used to make police riot shields, which tells you how tough it is.  So tough it is virtually indestructible.  If it was ever dropped, it wouldn’t break.  And it won’t shatter in the heat either.  Polycarbonate starts to soften at temperatures higher than 147°C  – so is a nice, safe option.

Polycarbonate table tops can be ordered online to the size you need to cover your table and delivered to your home safely – because they don’t break!    Check out sites with lots of positive customer reviews to be confident of a good service.

Polycarbonate table tops are more flexible than glass and will need to be supported by a framework on your table or sit on top of a covered table. The friendly team at The Plastic People are happy to help with any queries regarding suitability and safety and can be reached at




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