Create An Outdoor Room on a Budget

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We’re officially in British summertime and entertaining and dining outdoors are two popular reasons which draw us into our gardens.   Follow these ideas from The Plastic People team to create a livable, usable space in your garden without overwhelming cost or time commitment.

Defining Your Outdoor Room

Outdoor dining rooms can be created anywhere in your garden.  Whether your dining room will be in an independent area (a gazebo for example) or will begin immediately outside your home (for example a porch or patio area) a good idea is to connect it visually to your home with flooring or planting.  Structural yet unobtrusive definition can also be achieved with clear acrylic screens.  Clear acrylic is a great material to use to frame and protect your room as well as give it structure without spoiling any views.

clear acrylic adds structure and protection to an outdoor garden without damaging the views


Use flooring to define your room – decking and stone flooring make better choices than grass to make your space feel more like a room.


Use plants to soften any hard edges around your flooring. Choose plants which evoke the feelings and colours you want for your room. Strategically placed acrylic mirrors can also be used to cover wall areas and reflect planting, providing a softer more ambient feel.

acrylic mirror covers wall areas and reflects planting for a nicer view


Water is recognised as one of the important elements to create an outdoor room. Table top water fountains and container water gardens are more budget friendly, easier options than ponds and waterfalls.  Any water feature can be further enhanced with a surrounding of acrylic mirror which will reflect the feature and add to its effect by magnifying its scale.

acrylic mirror by pond reflects light and water

Acrylic mirrors are a great way to make your outdoor room appear more spacious.

They’re also an excellent way to bring into your outdoor room (via reflection) planting you especially like from other areas of your garden.

Other features which will help to define your outdoor room are firepits,  flowers and lighting.

For more details about acrylic mirrors and clear acrylic for creating screens and balconies contact the friendly team at The Plastic People.


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