Affordable Kitchen Makeover

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If a new kitchen is the stuff of your daydreams but funding and implementing it the stuff of your nightmares, you might be interested in the easy and affordable update that acrylic kitchen splashbacks can bring, uplifting your kitchen (and possibly your mood when you’re in it!?).

grey acrylic adds stylish punch to a modern kitchen

For many, acrylic splashbacks have made a great choice because of the amazing colour options, for others it’s the variety of finishes; the more practical minded rate their easy DIY installation and the hygiene freaks amongst us love the sheer ease of cleaning and cleanliness offered by a seam-free splashback.

Acrylic splashbacks are perfect for kitchens…

Top of the makeover wish list is for new improvements to look the same as they did on day one and this is where acrylic kitchen splashbacks score highly.  Because they are cut from one acrylic sheet there are no joins or grout to clean or discolour over time.  Effective cleaning couldn’t be easier: acrylic kitchen splashbacks  simply wash clean with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.

pistachio green freshens up a white kitchen

….and very easy to install yourself

Acrylic splashbacks are so light to handle that fitting them yourself is easy.  Solid colour splashbacks can be fixed to kitchen walls using adhesive Strong Stuff. Translucent or tinted acrylic splashbacks can be screwed to kitchen walls to avoid any adhesive showing through.

Acrylic splashback experts, The Plastic People have many pictures of customer projects showing acrylic splashbacks in customer kitchens  - take a look for inspiration.  More details, including prices,  about having acrylic splashbacks cut to the sizes or shape you need are also on their site.  If you have any questions about measuring up for an acrylic splashback contact the friendly team at The Plastic People.


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