Add Colour to Your Garden – With Acrylic

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Choose Coloured Acrylic To Brighten A  Low Maintenance Garden 

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour that requires very little maintenance in your garden, check out this customer idea and image courtesy of plastic experts,  The Plastic People. It doesn’t get much more low maintenance that this…

acrylic adds a pop of colour to any outdoor space wand requires very little maintenance

A green garden has been transformed with the addition of coloured acrylic sheets.  Translucent red acrylic sheets have been combined with translucent amber and translucent blue acrylic sheets.  The acrylic has been cut to varying sizes to create visual interest and suspended from wooden frame.

What a great way to inject some structure and colour into a low maintenance garden.

Read more details about this project here and learn more about coloured acrylic at The Plastic People.


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