Greenhouse Plastic For a Shatterproof Greenhouse

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polycarbonate greenhouse

If you’ve a greenhouse glazing task to do, you might already be searching for replacement greenhouse glass or new greenhouse glazing panes but before you make any decisions, consider greenhouse plastic instead.

Greenhouse plastic is usually polycarbonate which is an increasingly popular alternative to glass greenhouse panels.   That’s because polycarbonate looks like glass  but is much stronger than glass.  200x stronger in fact.  Meaning greenhouse panes made from polycarbonate are very, very unlikely to ever break – ideal for people who never want to have to replace their greenhouse glazing again :)

Rather than use polycarbonate sheets, make things easy on yourself by sourcing polycarbonate cut to the sizes of your existing greenhouse panes.   Because polycarbonate sheeting is nearly impossible to break, you can do this job online and not worry about any delivery breakages.

As well as being stronger than glass, polycarbonate sheets are also half the weight of glass meaning you can lift and move it easily yourself….and happy in the knowledge that if you do drop it, it is really very unlikely to break:)

For gardening reassurance, polycarbonate is thought to beat glass in terms of performance too.  You can read more about that from The Telegraph here.

You can likely find virtually unbreakable polycarbonate greenhouse glazing panels with a quick Google search or you can visit plastic specialists, The Plastic People, who have tonnes of experience helping customers choose and use polycarbonate and their greenhouse glazing.   Polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is available in standard sizes as well as cut to size and shape from their website.



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