Creating Double Sided Picture Frames

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In recent years the popularity of frames that sandwich work between two panels of glass so you can see both the front and the back of the work has risen. This is a great way of showing double-sided work, but be sure to use acrylic to prevent damage to your artwork .  Your artwork should never be in direct contact with glass as condensation can build up between its layers causing your artwork to fuse and bond permanently with the glass – eventually destroying the work.   With the ready availability of acrylic sheets with a cut to size service, creating established photo and picture frame sizes as well as bespoke frame sizes has never been easier for small businesses, start ups and do-it-yourself picture framers.

Using acrylic for picture framing offers other benefits too, the biggest of which come from the famed strength and durability of acrylic sheets.  10 x stronger than glass yet half its weight, acrylic makes a lighter, stronger and safer option than glass.

Atleast a 10mm thick clear acrylic is a good choice to create this type of frame if you’d like to stand alone.

double sided acrylic frame

double sided frame made from 10mm thick acrylic

Choose acrylic sizes to either match your artwork if you want your piece to finish flush to the edge or choose a bigger size if you want a clear border around your piece. For help choosing pieces check out The Plastic People where you can enter sizes and see prices straight away.  Contact their friendly team for help with any framing requirements.

Learn more about using acrylic for picture framing here.


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