How To Restore The Shine To Acrylic

Category: clear acrylic, Working with acrylic

If you’ve bought acrylic which has since started to lose its shine, read our simple steps to learn how to polish your plastic back to a gleam.

You can restore the glossy look of your acrylic by flame polishing thin sheets of acrylic (4mm thick and under) and sanding/buffing thicker acrylic sheets. We have information explaining these methods here.

For those who want a less labour intensive way, try Vuplex polish which we have tried and tested on acrylic to the satisfaction of our plastic experts.  It’s great for at home use because in minutes one use of Vuplex provides safe cleaning and protection from break down of clarity  as well as restoring that high shine.   

Find out more about Vuplex here.  Contact any of our friendly team for advice about plastic. We’re happy to help.


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