Can Acrylic Be Used Instead of Glass ?

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Acrylic is a clear, glass-like plastic with properties that make it a better choice for many projects and purposes that might otherwise use glass.  Those properties are:

  1. Super strength – acrylic is 17x stronger than glass making it considerably more impact resistant and safer
  2. Crystal clear -  92% of visible light can pass through acrylic. Acrylic remains clear compared to very thick glass which has a green tint to it
  3. Weather proof – it is a myth that acrylic yellows or breaks down when in sunshine over a long period of time (it is cheap plastic which does that)
  4. It insulates better than glass – using it as glazing can potentially reduce your heating bills
  5. Lightweight – acrylic is only half as heavy as glass which makes it easier to work with, and indeed a better choice for projects if weight is an issue
  6. Easy to cut – acrylic can be sawed, whereas glass must be scored
  7. Easy to bend and shape – acrylic can be shaped and made into structures without seams
  8. Looks like new – acrylic can remain new looking for several decades, regardless of age or exposure to sun.  Scratches can be buffed out  – unlike glass – and edges polished to a high shine for that brand new look.

Spotting any difference in appearance is tricky – can you see any ?  For more information or advice about acrylic the friendly team at The Plastic People are on hand to help. Contact them here.


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