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It’s official -  Tree Dressing Day falls next weekend, the first in December.  The tradition is based on old customs from all over the world and is much more than an expression of a love for trees.  While trees have long been celebrated for their spiritual significance, dressing a tree is a way of bringing people together, to create and share memories and to reflect upon our social and cultural history.

Latest research figures show that around half of British households will be dressing an artificial tree this year.  Whether chosen because they have improved in appearance, are cheaper in cost or are considered greener, artificial tree popularity continues to grow.   It seems that the traditional choice of a real Christmas tree is thawing this year.

We all have individual variations and preferences of our traditions, and create new ones with our friends and family.  This year we’ll be sharing stories with colleagues while we celebrate with a tree made by our very own plastic people.

Christmas Tree made from clear acrylic

What do you think ?

clear acrylic Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree made from clear acrylic by The Plastic People

We have used clear as glass acrylic with polished edges.  Look carefully and you might even see our plastic man in the baubles!   We’d love to hear your thoughts about more contemporary tree vs traditional– do let us know what you think.

spot our Plastic Man in the bauble on our clear acrylic Christmas Tree




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