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Designer Christmas Trees

Category: clear acrylic

 It’s official -  Tree Dressing Day falls next weekend, the first in December.  The tradition is based on old customs from all over the world and is much more than an expression of a love for trees.  While trees have … Continue reading

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How To Restore The Shine To Acrylic

Category: clear acrylic, Working with acrylic

 If you’ve bought acrylic which has since started to lose its shine, read our simple steps to learn how to polish your plastic back to a gleam. You can restore the glossy look of your acrylic by flame polishing thin … Continue reading

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How To Remove Scratches From Plastic

Category: clear acrylic, coloured acrylic, Recycle, Working with acrylic

 If you have ever wanted to know how to remove scratches from plastic read guidance from our team of plastic experts, below. The methods are tried and tested. It’s important to know what type of plastic is scratched before you … Continue reading

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Shatter Proof Alternatives To Glass Patio Tables

Category: clear acrylic, Gardening, Polycarbonate

 With this week’s news about certain models of glass-topped patio tables “exploding” in the heat, we thought we’d share a shatter-proof alternative to glass, currently used by customers of The Plastic People:  polycarbonate. Here’s a customer picture showing the  polycarbonate … Continue reading

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Polycarbonate or Acrylic For Boat Windows

Category: clear acrylic, polycarbonate

 Did You Know:  boat windows can be made of plastic as an alternative to traditional glass  ? Plastic is easy to work with and produces seaworthy results. Plastic is easy for boat owners to work with and make curved windows: … Continue reading

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