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How To Use A Garden Mirror

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements, Mirrors

 Fancy a focal point in your garden ? A bigger garden ?  A little perspective in your garden ?  Perhaps some light thrown to an otherwise dark corner ? Then read on about garden mirrors and let your imagination reflect … Continue reading

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Environmentally Friendly Lawn Edging

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements, Innovation

 For environmentally friendly lawn edging take a look at Flexi-edge, a new lawn edging made from recycled rubber from scrap tyres.  As well as helping to reduce landfill this means you can make a financial saving: scrap tyres are virtually … Continue reading

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Lawn Edging: a time saving tip

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements

 If you’re not inclined to spend a lot of time looking after your lawn edges but don’t enjoy the overgown look, we have a fix for you! Whether you’re too busy to keep on top of your lawn edging and … Continue reading

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Make Your Greenhouse Unbreakable

Category: Gardening, Glazing, Greenhouse Panels

 Using polycarbonate in your greenhouse instead of glass will make it virtually unbreakable. That’s because polycarbonate is a plastic material which is incredibly strong and offers outstanding levels of light transmission. It’s a fairly easy to switch from glass to polycarbonate yourself - … Continue reading

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Lawn edging – the quick way

Category: Gardening

 Here’s a solution for busy people with a desire for a neat looking lawn. The one key way to achieve this is to keep your lawn edges and border edges neat and tidy. It gives instant impact.  And here’s the … Continue reading

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