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How Strong Is Polycarbonate

Category: Innovation, Polycarbonate

 Our team at The Plastic People often get asked how strong clear plastic is.  Normally this type of question comes from those wanting some guidance on whether to choose clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate for their project and are not sure how to decide.  And for strength … Continue reading

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Environmentally Friendly Lawn Edging

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements, Innovation

 For environmentally friendly lawn edging take a look at Flexi-edge, a new lawn edging made from recycled rubber from scrap tyres.  As well as helping to reduce landfill this means you can make a financial saving: scrap tyres are virtually … Continue reading

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Why a sign is important

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Building a light weight race car

Category: Innovation, Polycarbonate, Recycle, uses of plastic

 If you’re interested in building your own race car this blog in conjunction with Chris Mohan Racing will show you how this can be an easily achievable project for someone with basic DIY skills.  With a combination of careful measuring … Continue reading

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