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Make Your Own Mirror Wardrobes and Dressing Table

Category: Mirrors, Recycle

 If you like mirrored wardrobes but not their often hefty price tag, consider making your own – perhaps you’ll be inspired by this makeover by a customer of cut to size acrylic mirror retailer, The Plastic People. Existing wardrobe doors … Continue reading

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Acrylic Mirror – Stylish Serving Idea

Category: Mirrors

 It’s National Chocolate Week and we’re taking part here at The Plastic People:).  We’ve managed to tuck into wrapped chocolate, melted chocolate and baked chocolate. It has to be said, we all do love our chocolate, nearly as much as … Continue reading

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Horse Stable Mirrors

Category: Mirrors

 If your horse weaves a lot in his or her stable you might be thinking of installing a mirror in there in an effort to calm your horse down.  Research shows that putting mirrors into horse stables can reduce horse … Continue reading

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How To Use A Garden Mirror

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements, Mirrors

 Fancy a focal point in your garden ? A bigger garden ?  A little perspective in your garden ?  Perhaps some light thrown to an otherwise dark corner ? Then read on about garden mirrors and let your imagination reflect … Continue reading

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5 Tips for working with acrylic mirror

Category: Mirrors

 Acrylic mirror is often chosen as a safer alternative to a glass mirror.  Acrylic mirrors are around 17 times stronger than glass mirrors, much lighter and also shatter proof. That means should they ever get dropped or fall on the floor, … Continue reading

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