DIY Kitchen Splashbacks

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Update your kitchen easily with an acrylic splashback

The kitchen is ranked as the most popular room in the house. For many it’s the hot-spot for most of the action – and the mess.  Furthermore, one of the most expensive rooms to change. If you are looking to make a practical change to refresh your kitchen consider a new or replacement kitchen splashback.  You can easily inject some colour or texture into your kitchen yourself to update it fairly quickly and inexpensively.  If you want a custom design with quality materials without the high price tag, check out acrylic kitchen splashbacks from plastic experts, The Plastic People which can be quickly and easily fixed into place with basic DIY skills.

acrylic splashbacks are easier, quicker and cheaper to install than tiled splashbacks

Here’s 4 good reasons why acrylic kitchen splashbacks make a better choice than tiles:

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are cut from one acrylic sheet and therefore are seamless — you won’t need to worry about grouting and maintaining grout

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks  come ready shaped / sized  to fit your entire wall area— and they simply glue or screw to your wall

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are very lightweight yet extremely strong— lifting and fitting them yourself is very easy. If dropped accidentally, they are unlikely to break.

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are quick to fit – around 4 times faster than glass or tiles

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, follow this link to see DIY acrylic kitchen splashback projects completed in customers homes.  More information about measuring up for and installing kitchen splashbacks  can be found at The Plastic People.

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Top 10 Things To Know About Acrylic Secondary Glazing

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At The Plastic People we know how much more comfortable  secondary glazing with acrylic can make your home by eliminating drafts, reducing the outside noise (up to 90% at some frequencies) and eliminating the hot or cold spots.

fitting acrylic secondary glazing

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. An acrylic window pane will typically be cheaper in comparison to the same size glass counterpart.
  2. Acrylic panes can do the same job as glass but at a thinner gauge
  3.  Acrylic is lighter and easier to deliver to your home. Meaning you can simply order acrylic online and have it safely delivered.  It won’t break or shatter like glass.
  4. You can install acrylic windows easily yourself because they are so light and safe to handle – saving on installation costs.  Read more about that here. Glass installation is time consuming and because it is heavier in weight needs extra and careful handling.
  5. Acrylic  is 3 to 8 times more thermally insulating than regular glass windows.  Meaning, your room will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  6. Acrylic can filter out 99.1% of Ultra Violet rays when passing through the acrylic sheet. At the same time acrylic still allows 92 percent of light through.  In comparison, glass surfaces reflect light more readily which can create unwanted glare or reflections.
  7. Acrylic panes will also help with sound control.  Testing has shown that adding acrylic window panes are especially effective n 1000 Hz range which are the lower frequencies associated with vehicles driving by.  The STC rating improves from 18 to 28 when an acrylic sheet is added to a single window. The decibel reduction is around 19.2, that is an effective reduction of over 70%!
  8. Acrylic windows can be ordered easily.  You will need to measure up the window panes that you want to secondary glaze. Read more about how to do this.
  9. You can buy acrylic window panes online by entering the sizes you need.  If you’d like to see our acrylic window panes you can see them here.  We send out acrylic window panes cut to the size and include  2 magnetic fixing strips; one to stick to your existing frame and the other to your new acrylic window pane so they can ‘fix’ together
  10. Acrylic window panes fitted like this can be removed easily as and when you like.

For more details about acrylic secondary glazing visit The Plastic People or email their friendly team.

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Glass vs Acrylic Picture Frames

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For picture framing glass and acrylic are the two most popular choices.  They are both often chosen for this same task yet glass and acrylic have different properties with  pros and cons to them both.  Depending on the situation one may be preferred over the other.

Plastic experts, The Plastic People, offer guidance about the suitability of acrylic for framing requirements.

Undoubtedly the biggest benefits of acrylic to picture framers are its strength and durability.  Compared to glass acrylic is incredibly lightweight yet much, much stronger.  For large pieces of artwork, where glass can be dangerous to handle (threatening to flex and snap) as well as dangerously heavy (causing frames to bow), acrylic is an exceptional choice.

Coldplay use acrylic for their artwork which traveled with them on their 2016 world tour

The next biggest reason is likely financial. For artworks which are likely to be moved around a lot and especially for pieces that will be shipped, acrylic is a sensible financial decision given the significant loss of value any damage will create.  Couriers transporting artwork which becomes damaged typically only the value of the items used to create the work; (ie, the paint, the paper and the glass) rather than the full market value of the artwork. Acrylic helps sidestep this discrepancy and potential disaster.

However, despite being stronger and more durable, acrylic is also more fragile than glass in that it is easily scratched. In the first instance, acrylic should be supplied with a plastic film on both its sides so when this is peeled away, the acrylic is completely perfect compared to glass which is usually dirty and dusty when bought, requiring meticulous cleaning.  To prevent scratching, acrylic should only ever be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth and warm soapy water or a specialist acrylic cleaner like Vuplex (as opposed to a glass cleaning product).  If acrylic does scratch, all is not lost – fine scratches can be buffed out by hand or by using a scratch removing product like Xerapol.

For picture framers clarity is key. At 3mm thick, acrylic and glass are indistinguishable in frames.  However, anyone who has ever handled a glazed piece and loaded it into a frame to discover dust trapped on the glazing will understand the frustration of trying to remove static build up (the cause of clinging dust and lint!) which happens with both glass and acrylic

There are ways to eliminate it.  With glass, we understand that leaving glass to dry on its own rather than wiping it dry helps (though we are not glass experts, only plastic!)  Another option as is brushing the glass once with an anti-static brush (before loading the glass into the frame.)  It’s much the same with acrylic – brush the acrylic sheet with an anti-static brush after peeling the protective film off..

When it comes to cutting, glass beats acrylic as it is easier to cut. However, there is always an option to buy acrylic cut ready to the size you require.  Because it is super strong, it can be delivered out to you safely.

Last but not least, acrylic can be more expensive than glass. Acrylic prices can fluctuate because it is a petroleum based product, susceptible to oil price spikes.

So in summary, when it comes to durability, cleanliness and weight acrylic wins every time.  On price (and cutting, if you are doing it yourself) glass often wins.


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Greenhouse Plastic For a Shatterproof Greenhouse

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polycarbonate greenhouse

If you’ve a greenhouse glazing task to do, you might already be searching for replacement greenhouse glass or new greenhouse glazing panes but before you make any decisions, consider greenhouse plastic instead.

Greenhouse plastic is usually polycarbonate which is an increasingly popular alternative to glass greenhouse panels.   That’s because polycarbonate looks like glass  but is much stronger than glass.  200x stronger in fact.  Meaning greenhouse panes made from polycarbonate are very, very unlikely to ever break – ideal for people who never want to have to replace their greenhouse glazing again :)

Rather than use polycarbonate sheets, make things easy on yourself by sourcing polycarbonate cut to the sizes of your existing greenhouse panes.   Because polycarbonate sheeting is nearly impossible to break, you can do this job online and not worry about any delivery breakages.

As well as being stronger than glass, polycarbonate sheets are also half the weight of glass meaning you can lift and move it easily yourself….and happy in the knowledge that if you do drop it, it is really very unlikely to break:)

For gardening reassurance, polycarbonate is thought to beat glass in terms of performance too.  You can read more about that from The Telegraph here.

You can likely find virtually unbreakable polycarbonate greenhouse glazing panels with a quick Google search or you can visit plastic specialists, The Plastic People, who have tonnes of experience helping customers choose and use polycarbonate and their greenhouse glazing.   Polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is available in standard sizes as well as cut to size and shape from their website.


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Add Colour to Your Garden – With Acrylic

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Choose Coloured Acrylic To Brighten A  Low Maintenance Garden 

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour that requires very little maintenance in your garden, check out this customer idea and image courtesy of plastic experts,  The Plastic People. It doesn’t get much more low maintenance that this…

acrylic adds a pop of colour to any outdoor space wand requires very little maintenance

A green garden has been transformed with the addition of coloured acrylic sheets.  Translucent red acrylic sheets have been combined with translucent amber and translucent blue acrylic sheets.  The acrylic has been cut to varying sizes to create visual interest and suspended from wooden frame.

What a great way to inject some structure and colour into a low maintenance garden.

Read more details about this project here and learn more about coloured acrylic at The Plastic People.

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