Polycarbonate / Glass Walls For Decks and Patios

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Want to chill out on your deck without the chill of the wind ?  Take a look at creating a windwall using glass or clear as glass plastic such as polycarbonate.  A polycarbonate or glass windwall can shield you from the wind while protecting your view.

Wind walls can be made from glass or clear as glass plastic – glass and plastic specialists can provide you with advice. For plastic advice, The Plastic People have a friendly team of experts who can assist with polycarbonate to make a wind wall.

Whilst glass is the traditional choice for glazing, polycarbonate is perhaps a lesser known option although polycarbonate is commonly used  to replace glass when a much higher-impact resistance is required.  That’s because whilst polycarbonate looks as clear as glass it is 290 x stronger than glass and polycarbonate is practically unbreakable.

Balcony with a windwall made from polycarbonate, courtesy of customer of The Plastic People

For example, polycarbonate is used for windscreens of small planes, lighting applications, car headlamp lenses, lighting lenses and safety glasses/goggles/visors – even police riots shields (which demonstrates just how unbreakable polycarbonate is).

Polycarbonate walls require very little maintenance. They only need to be cleaned with water and a soft cotton cloth. They’re a perfect upgrade for your decking.  And a fairly easy DIY task. Measure up what size polycarbonate you need to create your windwall and have it delivered cut to the sizes and shapes you need.  Make it easier to fix into place by ordering polycarbonate with holes ready drilled in.   For advice about getting started using polycarbonate contact The Plastic People on 0113 249 2222.

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Lawn edging – how to choose

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One thing that you should remember when you are redesigning or maintaining your garden is that you should have good edging. A good, strong barrier that separates your lawn from your garden is extremely important. You can use any material though, just make sure that the barrier is a strong one.

The array of choices can be overwhelming and each comes with merits and disadvantages. Here are some helpful factors to consider in choosing lawn edging:

1. Your garden design – this will play a part in the style of lawn edging you choose.  Decide how much of the show your lawn edging can steal……or do you want a subtle choice ?

2. Climate- another likely consideration for you.  Your chosen lawn edging may have to withstand sea salt, boggy shade or full sun.

3. Maintenance – how much or how little time is to be spent on maintenance of the lawn edging itself. For those looking for a no maintenance at all, this quickly narrows down the array of choices given wooden edging needs treatments.

5. Substance  - is the edging you are considering substantial enough to keep grass roots and weeds from invading your beds  or will you need to trim the bed border frequently ?

6. Factor in family friendly / safety – do you need a safe lawn edging in case of trips, children, pets etc ?

7. Weigh up installation  – easy to install edging is usually flexible plastic edging which can look unsightly and can crack and split easily.  Stone, concrete and brick can be expensive to buy and transport and laborious to install; metal edging can be dangerous if fallen on.

Plastic experts at The Plastic People have turned from plastic to rubber for lawn edging!  That’s because they have found a no digging, quick to install, maintenance free solution that can be re-used time and time again. For these many reasons The Plastic People have found space between the plastic sheets to include rubber based lawn edging, Flexi-edge.   This lawn edging is  made from recycled tyres giving it the strength of stone with the flexibility of rubber and a very, very long life span.  It’s virtually indestructible whilst looking modern and subtle.  Flexi-edge is completely weather proof in all weathers and checks in at a substantial  7.5cm wide and 8cm high. It comes in 1m lengths which connect together with the connectors provided.  Flexi-edge is safe: because it is made from recycled rubber there are no sharp edges or possible cuts should anyone fall onto it. Flexi-edge is easy to install(it hammers into place, no digging needed) and safe for everyone (it’s made from rubber). And it’s completely maintenance free.  You can even mow over it:)

Flexi-edge hammers into the ground with stakes provided


Lengths of Flexi-edge connect easily together with pins provided so your lawn edging can be as long as you need

lawn mowers can mow straight over flexi-edge

If you are considering lawn edging and would like to see more about Flexi-edge visit The Plastic People for more information and pictures or email them for help.

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Amazing effects with garden mirrors

Category: Recycle

Would you like a bigger garden ?  A lighter garden ?  Perhaps a special feature or two in your garden ?  As we hope to spend more time outdoors, attention turns to making the most of what garden we have.  For inspiration, here are 5 popular ways to do just that with acrylic mirrors  - let your imagination reflect on what could be in your garden.

1. Create a bigger garden – magnify your space

Acrylic mirror can be used to create the feeling of the space you’d like in your garden. Choose to mount long mirrors horizontally along garden walls to create an illusion of length or mount long mirrors vertically up garden walls to create an illusion of height.   Whichever you choose, a top tip is to hang the mirror amongst real things – plants, flowers and trees so the acrylic mirror blends in.

2. Reflect special features

Use tile shaped / sized acrylic mirrors to reflect features in your garden, plants or flowers at interesting angles.  You can buy acrylic mirror cut to the size and shape you need. If you do so via our site we’ll deliver exactly what you need next day to your chosen address.

acrylic mirror placed to reflect space in garden

3. Boost light around your garden

Test out mirrors in random corners of your garden – they can produce surprising lighting effects and enhance your garden by adding a  sculptural element to it.

4. Create outdoor room

Position your acrylic mirror next to an outdoor eating / dining area to create ambience and double glow of lanterns.

5. Create a doorway

Easily done by placing a full length acrylic mirror level with the ground.

Find out more about how to choose and use mirror in your garden. Plastic experts, The Plastic People favour acrylic mirror over glass mirror because it is shatter-proof, flexible and 17x stronger than glass whilst being half its weight, making it a safer, more practical choice.

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Polycarbonate or Acrylic For Boat Windows

Category: clear acrylic, polycarbonate

Did You Know:  boat windows can be made of plastic as an alternative to traditional glass  ? Plastic is easy to work with and produces seaworthy results. Plastic is easy for boat owners to work with and make curved windows: it flexes and can be fastened straight onto the boat cabin or fit into frames. The choice between two popular clear plastics – acrylic and polycarbonate – can be the source of debate.  Plastic experts, The Plastic People point out that polycarbonate is better for certain pruposes whilst, generally speaking, acrylic is a good option.  

Acrylic boat windows

cut to size acrylic has been used to make windows for this boat belonging to a customer of The Plastic People

Polycarbonate is virtually indestructible and very light in weight.  Polycarbonate is unbreakable because it flexes instead – and this very benefit can also be a downside for polycarbonate boat windows as flexibility can make the polycarbonate windows difficult to seal.   This means that potentially polycarbonate windows can leak. So, unless your boat is sailing in and out of war zones and bullets or very strong storms – or if water proofing doesn’t matter that much – perhaps take a look at cheaper option, acrylic.

The question about the difference in strength between polycarbonate and acrylic needs to be kept in perspective. Unless you need virtually unbreakable glazing, acrylic (often known as Perspex) is strong enough for boat windows and hatches.   Indeed, major boat manufacturers use acrylic in their deck hatches and hulls.

Other factors besides strength also play a role in determining which material is best suited for boat windows. Compared to polycarbonate, acrylic is less vulnerable to UV-light.  It also resists scratches better, and is easier to seal. It is also less expensive.  

Find out more about acrylic and polycarbonate suitable for boat windows from plastic experts, The Plastic People.



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Longer Lasting Greenhouses

Category: Greenhouse Panels

polycarbonate is a great alternative to glass for greenhouse glazing

It is said that if you want to be happy for a short time – get drunk. If you want to be happy for a long time – fall in love. If you want to be happy forever – take up gardening!

For many, dedicating yourself to growing healthy plants for the garden involves greenhouse growing – and, more often than not, troublesome maintenance of greenhouse glass. Keep your gardening  love affair alive without broken glass or hearts with polycarbonate glazing panels. Alternatives to glass greenhouse panes, polycarbonate greenhouse panes are an amazing choice for greenhouse glazing because they are so very unlikely to break.  Polycarbonate is much tougher than glass – in fact polycarbonate is around 200 times stronger than glass.  Its super strength makes it  the choice of material for police riot shields – which goes to show just how strong it is.

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

Polycarbonate can be bought with UV protection built in, which is also another bonus for those working in, as well as and growing plants in,  greenhouses.

So, before you decide to replace any greenhouse glass with glass, take a look at polycarbonate options before you make your decision.   Polycarbonate can be easily bought to the size of your existing greenhouse glass panes – there are plenty of suppliers online who will deliver the replacement polycarbonate panes to your home, saving you the hard work of shopping and transporting. Plastic experts, The Plastic People, have a friendly as well as knowledgeable team who are happy to help you with sizes and shapes to fit your existing greenhouse glazing.




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