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Acrylic Mirror – Stylish Serving Idea

Category: Mirrors

 It’s National Chocolate Week and we’re taking part here at The Plastic People:).  We’ve managed to tuck into wrapped chocolate, melted chocolate and baked chocolate. It has to be said, we all do love our chocolate, nearly as much as … Continue reading

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Horse Stable Mirrors

Category: Mirrors

 If your horse weaves a lot in his or her stable you might be thinking of installing a mirror in there in an effort to calm your horse down.  Research shows that putting mirrors into horse stables can reduce horse … Continue reading

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5 Tips for working with acrylic mirror

Category: Mirrors

 Acrylic mirror is often chosen as a safer alternative to a glass mirror.  Acrylic mirrors are around 17 times stronger than glass mirrors, much lighter and also shatter proof. That means should they ever get dropped or fall on the floor, … Continue reading

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Home Design Update: Gold Metallic Mirrors

Category: Home Improvements, Mirrors

 Dulux have announced the 2016 shade of the year as Cherished Gold – an evolutionary move on from the shade of 2015, Copper Blush. It seems we’re all set for the trend of using metallic tones in our homes as … Continue reading

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Damage proof mirrors

Category: Mirrors

 We are often asked about safety mirrors and plastic mirrors here at The Plastic People. If you are looking for mirrors that will not shatter in the event of their falling we have some ideas for you. Two types of … Continue reading

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