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Top 10 Things To Know About Acrylic Secondary Glazing

Category: Glazing, Home Improvements

 At The Plastic People we know how much more comfortable  secondary glazing with acrylic can make your home by eliminating drafts, reducing the outside noise (up to 90% at some frequencies) and eliminating the hot or cold spots. Here’s what you need … Continue reading

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Protect Priceless Exhibits With Acrylic

Category: Recycle

 Here at The Plastic People we were excited to read some news from the US this week that announces the likely use of acrylic as a material for windows to protect valuable exhibits. Customized acrylic storm windows similar to but … Continue reading

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How To Heat Up Your Home & Reduce Your Bills

Category: Recycle

 It’s feeling chilly and it’s only September:(  Get ready for winter by putting up some easy to install & take down again secondary glazing. It’s quick, easy for DIY novices, fairly inexpensive and makes a big difference blocking out draughts … Continue reading

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