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Popular plastics for sign making

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where can i buy Maxalt melt  When it comes to investing in signage and display we hear customers asking what plastic maintains its look and is best to use so that a sign last as long as possible.  For the best return on your investment it certainly pays to … Continue reading

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Weather-Proof Your BBQ Area with Acrylic

Category: Recycle

see url  There’s nothing like an organised BBQ to bring on the wind and rain!  We thought you might like to see how one of our customers is preparing by protecting their BBQ from the full brunt of the weather.  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Acrylic To The Rescue

Category: Recycle

http://havemedia.co.uk/ecommerce-packages  Acrylic is a great plastic to work with because it can transform a room and make it more usable at the same time. Thanks to one of our primary school customers we’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of how the’ve used acrylic … Continue reading

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How To Protect Your Balcony / Patio with Acrylic

Category: Recycle

 This blog is dedicated to all of you with decking, patios and balconies that you want to protect from the elements and also safeguard with small children. Regardless of size or the material your space is made from protecting it … Continue reading

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Splashbacks: Top Tips For High Gloss Look

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 Fancy adding a glossy touch to your kitchen or bathroom ? Here’s  how a DIY novice can achieve the high gloss look quickly and easily on a budget. The high gloss look is achievable with acrylic. And the good thing … Continue reading

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