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What are acrylic sheets used for ?

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 What are acrylic sheets used for? Acrylic sheets are used in so many different ways. Five-star plastic supplier The Plastic People reveal the most popular ways that customers are using this material in their homes: To protect furniture.  Acrylic sheets look just like … Continue reading

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5 Suggestions For Cutting Acrylic Easily

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 If you want acrylic or perspex cut to a certain size, save yourself the time and bother and opt for the easy way which is to let the plastic people do it for you. Simply enter your required measurements into … Continue reading

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How To Cut Perspex or Acrylic

Category: Recycle

 Acrylic or perspex sheet can be cut at home using saws which would normally be used on wood. Some things to remember before you start – always leave protective film on your acrylic/perspex until you have completely finished cutting and … Continue reading

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How To Do Repairs With Plastic

Category: Recycle

 We’ve been receiving lots of emails about using plastic to repair, fix, mend and replace many of your different types of broken items so we thought we’d try and use this blog to help out.So, if you fall into the … Continue reading

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What is acrylic

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 Acrylic is a popular plastic available in clear and a huge variety of colours and tints. There are 2 types of acrylic extruded and cast. Extruded acrylic is softer and can scratch more easily than cast acrylic due to the … Continue reading

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