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Greenhouse Plastic For a Shatterproof Greenhouse

Category: Gardening, Greenhouse Panels

   If you’ve a greenhouse glazing task to do, you might already be searching for replacement greenhouse glass or new greenhouse glazing panes but before you make any decisions, consider greenhouse plastic instead. Greenhouse plastic is usually polycarbonate which is … Continue reading

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Building a light weight race car

Category: Innovation, Polycarbonate, Recycle, uses of plastic

 If you’re interested in building your own race car this blog in conjunction with Chris Mohan Racing will show you how this can be an easily achievable project for someone with basic DIY skills.  With a combination of careful measuring … Continue reading

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Choosing Polycarbonate For A Roof

Category: Recycle

 Polycarbonate is a high performance material very well suited for roofing. Polycarbonate sheets have been designed for both domestic and commercial markets and there are many glazing systems now that support polycarbonate sheets since polycarbonate has grown as a popular … Continue reading

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Benefits of Polycarbonate

Category: Recycle

 Polycarbonate plasticis an incredibly strong clear plastic.  At around 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and therefore makes a safe and popular choice for glazing. It is commonly used for domestic glazing (for … Continue reading

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